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Communion to a Sick Parishioner

Holly Communion

Photo: The precious blood appeared literally out of nowhere. The day was Sunday, November 8, 2020 near St. George, Utah. The Extra Ordinary Minister of Holy Communion said prayers for the reception of the Eucharist, symbolizing the actual body and blood of our Lord Jesus Christ, and opened his Pyx to give communion to a sick parishioner.

The precious blood by author matthew douglas pinard

Precious Blood Miracle

Photo: While traveling to the St. George, Utah area to work with local retina surgeons I took this amazing photograph of the sun setting on the evening of November 8th, 2020 fully unaware of the precious blood miracle that was to take place that same day.

The Pyx was full, as the Minister visited nineteen local area homes that Sunday to administer sacraments to the sick and infirmed. As the Minister carefully extracted one Host for the woman, another Host fell to the floor from the Pyx. The Minister carefully picked up the Host from the floor and placed the Host in his palm under the open Pyx, and distributed communion to the woman. He then placed the Pyx back into a burse and took out a folded handkerchief, and placed the Host that had fallen inside half of the handkerchief carefully folded into quarters. The Minister then folded the handkerchief again to about an eighth, so he could fit the handkerchief into his shirt pocket.

After visiting the rest of the parishioners and administering Holy Communion to each of them, the Extra Ordinary Minister went home around 2 p.m. In the Minister’s house, there is a Crucifix and a candle on the fireplace mantle where he then consumed the dropped host placed inside the handkerchief. The Minister reached into his shirt pocket to find the Host and after doing so closed his eyes as he said the Lord’s Prayer before consuming the Host. As the Extra Ordinary Minister opened the handkerchief with both hands to the half-unfolded portion, he immediately saw the entire handkerchief was covered in what would later be called the “precious blood.”

The Extra Ordinary Minister was shocked, as he was a first-hand witness to what would later be investigated by the Roman Catholic Church as a precious blood miracle, a miraculous and undeniable physical manifestation of the blood of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. He immediately stopped consuming the fallen Host and took out a small bowl and placed the remaining three parts of the partially consumed Host into the bowl.

The Extra Ordinary Minister then placed the blood-soaked handkerchief containing the precious blood of Christ on top of the covered bowl, before making his way to Saint George Catholic Church to report this amazing miracle and to secure the bowl and handkerchief in the Church tabernacle to preserve the evidence for the Vatican. What was particularly interesting about this miracle was when it occurred. It happened on November 8th, 2020. That same day, my wife Carol Rose and I were just getting into the St. George, UT area due to my work there with local retina surgeons.

I do not find it coincidental as the author of The New Wine book series, which I believe is divinely inspired by St. Mary herself after witnessing an apparition of her in late 2016, that I was also chosen to bear witness to this apocalyptic type of miracle, possibly signaling the return of our True King. I was actually unaware of the miracle being investigated until mid-January 2021, when I returned to the St. George, UT area where I met a woman of incredible faith named Sheila, who approached me during a mass at St. George Catholic Church, where she handed me a photograph of the blood-soaked handkerchief, along with a statement written by the Extra Ordinary Minister of his experience.

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The Precious Blood

Matthew Douglas Pinard introduces his incredible new release, “The Precious Blood.” The story begins with an incredible miracle of “precious blood” that occurred in Southern Utah in fall 2020, while the author and his wife worked with local retinal doctors in St. George, Utah.

Matthew documented his involvement in an Angel Apocalypse’s astonishing miracles of faith and healing that took place in 2021.

“The Precious Blood” also documents two other incredible miracles of healing two women in Arizona from pre-disease Hashimoto’s and the cure of another woman from a COVID-19 induced heart aneurysm. Both events occurred after incredible appearances of angels, blue butterflies, and miraculous red hearts in the skies, signalling that the miracles would be approved and performed.   

Matthew shows the importance of understanding miracles and purposeful acts for God in delivering people from danger (Exodus 14:21-31), demonstrating God in the Bible is the one true God (Exodus 7:2-5, Kings 18:16-38), thereby authenticating His message or messenger (Exodus 7:2-5, Kings 18:16-38). It teaches miracles are manifestations of Jesus’ compassion for humankind and close relationship with God, his father.
Miracles can always happen if one has faith in the Lord to do miracles. Interested in the power of miracles?

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Communion to a Sick Parishioner

Communion to a Sick Parishioner

The Extra Ordinary Minister of Holy Communion said prayers for the reception of the Eucharist, symbolizing the actual body and blood of our Lord Jesus Christ, and opened his Pyx to give communion to a sick parishioner.

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